Seriel horisontal koreografi, 2013.

(Exhibition text – EN)

Pernille With Madsen, Seriel horisontal koreografi

23 January – 23 February 2013


Pernille With Madsen’s exhibition at Galleri Susanne Ottesen confronts the spectator with the intersection between the 2-dimensional and the 3-dimensionel, space and surface. By changing and distorting the spatiality with, which we are familiar, Pernille With Madsen raises our conscience to the architectural framework that surround us. In the works a scene is set up, which the spectator can recognise, where after a collapse of space and surface through mirroring, perspective distortions or visual editing is introduced.


Pernille With Madsen does not offer solutions, but rather seeks to raise the spectator’s awareness of spatiality and seriality. The spectator is introduced to an apparent cogent architectural framework, which simultaneously sets forth insoluble perspective dilemma. Depth and plane meet in a borderland where they appear to neutralize each other, instilling an uncertainty in the spectator of what and how one perceives to see.


Through the dissolution of space an element of the absurd is introduced as a form of escapism, a liberation from the framework of standardisation and seriality encouraging absorption and emancipation whilst keeping an anchor point in reality. The works hereby probe between the actual and the constructed, the perceived and the mental space.