Pernille With Madsen, Ringsted Sportcenter, Denmark, permanent installation

We congratulate Pernille With Madsen on the inauguration of her permanent installations ‘Overgang’ at Ringsted Sportcenter, Denmark, which took place 16 April 2023.

About the works, she describes how the installations can be seen as ‘a movement from one state to another’.

Pernille With Madsen, explains that ‘my wish is, that the works should intervene and be experienced as part of the space and the architecture. I believe that in this way you get to see the whole room in a new way – and you have space to fall in awe of your surroundings. That’s very much what it’s about for me when I get the chance to intervene in a building and make a decoration in a public space like this. ‘

The permanent installations at Ringsted Sportcenter include four different fields which consist of six boards each. The four different fields represent different motifs and consist of a total of seven different types of wood.