Pernille With Madsen | Public Commission | Enghave Brygge Metro Station

Gallery artist Pernille With Madsen has been commissioned to create various elements that can be seen in several places at the Enghave Brygge Metro Station. There will be light works, abstract reliefs and concrete decorations that the artist has been working on since 2019.

“.. I replace existing wall elements with artistically processed elements. They give the illusion that you get a look behind the “facade” that covers the fact that you are actually in a hole in the ground. You could say that the elements I insert mimic a mixture of archaeological finds, geological phenomena and science fiction props (a popular notion of the future). In this way, they are synthetic constructions that resemble cultural deposits and therefore make room for a notion of historical time and space. The elements I put in instead are reliefs cast in concrete. In parts of the reliefs, fiber optic cables have been cast in that act as pixels in an image. There is therefore both a three-dimensional image (relief cast in concrete) and a digital image (transmitted via the optical fiber cables) on the same element. The elements are made in collaboration with the Technological Institute.”