Bjørn Nørgaard’s performance, Wo ist Element 3

Danish artist Bjørn Nørgaard (b. 1947) just visited the city of Manresa in Catalonia, Spain, within the framework of the city’s project Manresa 2022. Alongside a ‘speech-action’ and a television interview, Nørgaard also gave a lecture about late German artist Joseph Beuys’ influence on contemporary art. In 1966, Bjørn Nørgaard and Henning Christiansen were the first artists ever to participate in one of Beuys’ own performative actions titled Manresa, taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany. While Nørgaard’s work as a sculptor is well known, his performative ‘actions’ are a significant part of his oeuvre as well. Captured here is a photo from his ‘speech-action’ performed in Manresa last week under the title Wo ist Element 3. Photo: Manresa 2022.