Group Exhibition

After the Finish Line

30 Nov 2018 – 19 Jan 2019

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After the Finish Line, 2018

Installation view

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After the Finish Line, 2015

by Adelita Husni-Bey, 4K video, color, sound, 12'39'', installation view

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After the Finish Line, 2018

Installation view

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One clump of raffia reconstruction, 2016

by Gala Porras-Kim, graphite on cotton paper, raffia, linen, wood, dimensions variable

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Hormoneal Fog (Study #6), 2018

by Candice Lin & Patrick Staff, hacked fog machine, dried herbs, herbal tincture, wood, plastic and miscellaneous hardware, dimensions variable

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Untitled (working title: Thigh master), 2015

by Hannah Levy, steel, styrofoam, sand, epoxy, fiberglass, 56 x 85 x 33 cm

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After the Finish Line, 2018

by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, installation view

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AI, 2017

by Aaron Fowler, mixed media, 365 x 213 x 130 cm


After the Finish Line brings together a group of artists based in New York and Los Angeles and a group of works that pay tribute to acts of transformation and perseverance in light of systems and conditions that narrow our space of movement. These artists have all developed strong voices over the past decade, against a background of stark political and societal shifts, and their works offer personal accounts of the body’s ability to push through different states of being, motivated by resistance, need, or desire.

The works featured in After the Finish Line share the sentiment that for a younger generation at this moment in time, the idea of a finish line or a point at which everything settles is a far, removed reality. Gathered under the title of Husni-Bey’s film, these works channel attitudes that look beyond ideals or resolutions: while the intensity of demand and achievement is a condition that all these works grapple with, they also propose that perhaps the most important movement forward right now is the one that pays no special attention to the finish line.

Curated by Helga Christoffersen